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    Since its establishment in 2017, Eryuan machinery has strived to provide customized hydraulic cylinder services to every demanding customer.

    Whenever faced with the challenge of new orders, engineers will know the service environment and load characteristics of hydraulic cylinders from experienced customers on site in a timely manner, know the needs of customers, and comprehensively consider safety, weight optimization, cost optimization, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, so as to customize hydraulic cylinders to meet the needs of customers.

    Technical experts who master the essence of manufacturing technology and professional workshop workers perfectly transform design into products. Advanced processing and testing equipment is the strong foundation for our products to maintain high quality.

    Whether it's high-frequency, high-speed, low friction testing equipment, or highly corrosive sea splash area and underwater environment, our rich experience in seal structure design, fatigue strength, coating technology can make our products have a longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

    Eryuan machinery has been recognized by customers for its quality and service, and will continue to strive to provide more customers with professional, safe and efficient customized service for hydraulic cylinders in the future.

    Parameter range Cylinder diameter ≤1800mm
    Working stroke ≤15000mm
    Rated pressure ≤750bar

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