What are the components of a hydraulic cylinder made of?

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Cylinder: the commonly used materials are seamless steel tubes of no. 20, 35 and 45. After honing or rolling, the steel tubes reach the roughness requirements within 0.4 cm. Low pressure cylinder can be used with no. 20 steel tube, high pressure cylinder with no. 45 steel tube.

Piston rod: there are two types of piston rod: solid rod and hollow rod. One end of the hollow piston rod needs to be left for welding. After rough machining, the piston rod is tempered to 229~285HB in India. If necessary, it is quenched at high frequency and the hardness reaches 45~55HRC.

Cylinder head: low pressure casting, medium and low pressure HT300 gray iron, medium and high pressure 35, 45 steel. When the cylinder head itself is the guide sleeve of the piston rod, the cylinder head is cast iron. At the same time, the guide surface should be molten brass, bronze or other wear - resistant materials. If the structure of the guide sleeve is pressed into the cylinder head, the guide sleeve shall be wear-resistant cast iron, bronze or brass.

Piston: common material is wear-resisting cast iron, gray cast iron (HT300, HT350), steel and aluminum alloy. The coaxiality tolerance of piston and piston rod shall be 0.03mm.

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