What does the engineering hydraulic cylinder need to know and how to extend its service life?

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Engineering hydraulic oil cylinder, the hydraulic oil cylinder is a variety in detail, and the hydraulic oil cylinder is relatively empty see penetration and often use a, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understanding, can know what is it in detail, and what are the relevant knowledge need to dominate, to deputy to implement this out accurate and reasonable application of the product, in order to best advantage, to prevent the austerity.

1. Comparison of project hydraulic cylinder and ordinary hydraulic cylinder for purchase

Project of the hydraulic oil cylinder, the hydraulic oil cylinder is a species in detail, so its roots foundation is better than the elements on the choose and buy, with the ordinary hydraulic oil cylinder, same for detailed parameters, the system works out of manufacture, wind-induced, real-time quotes, and the price quotation, production factory and after working for the six, and are important composition of thought, lack of one. However, because of its and ordinary hydraulic cylinder has some discrimination, so there are some corresponding thinking elements for this specific varieties, and for this point, we should be clear familiar with each other, so ability is very good for the product selection work.

2. Common models and application instructions of project hydraulic cylinders

Engineering hydraulic cylinder, it is sikong see through the model, is for HSG series project hydraulic cylinder, referred to as HSG series project hydraulic cylinder. For this type of oil cylinder, there are some instructions for use, which are:

(1) engineering hydraulic cylinder in the use of the process, can not bear the transverse force, in case of damage or waste. Its internal piston rod, can not have bending, corrosion and other phenomena. Its sealing ring, can not appear wear and aging, in order to avoid sealing ring efficiency failure.

(2) in the use of the hydraulic cylinder, there should be no leakage problem, including internal leakage and leakage. In addition, the change of the oil or the quick decision after the storage of the new to make the duration, the tank should be retained in the gas discharge, so as to avoid the emergence of the cylinder cfu or shaking phenomenon problems.

3. How to delay the service life of engineering hydraulic cylinder?

In order to extend the service life of engineering hydraulic cylinder, we should:

Unpacking: as a normal engineering hydraulic cylinder is sealed with gasification rust inhibitor, so the inlet plug cannot be removed before disassembly.

Operation: at the beginning of the operation of the cylinder, the atmosphere inside the cylinder should be destroyed and cleaned, so that the low-speed filling operation can be carried out.

Speed: for hydraulic cylinders of general specifications, the operating speed is applied to be no more than 2m/s. Once exceeding this value, the service life of the cylinder will be affected.

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