A. Registration and get started


1. Creation of an account


// Is the registration free and mandatory?

The registration for TWIM is completely free 🙂
It is necessary if you want to be able to list your good spots and to create your network.
With a TWIM account, you will never forget a good spot again, and you will be able to share it with your friends so that it can also be a benefit to them!
However, there is a « guest » mode allowing you to see how our app works and to test its main functionalities. To do so, you only have to tap on“Ignore” at the bottom of the registration or sign in screen.

// How to register or create my TWIM account?

To register, fill the “Username”, “Email address” and “Password” fields on the registration screen, then tap on the “Sign in” button.
You can also log in with your Facebook account. We advise you to opt for this solution as it is a quicker one and it will allow you to easily find your friends on TWIM.



2. Welcome screen

All done, you have just created your account and you land on your map for the first time! Here is what you need to keep in mind:

/ My World Map

It is the main screen of the application See all your good spots, sort out, share, and even more!

/ Search bar

It is from here that you’ll be able to add your good places 🙂

/ Main menu

The menu on the bottom of the screen will allow you to navigate through the app. It includes “ Maps ”, “Network”, “News feed” and “Profile”.
The central button (TWIM logo) allows you to go back to the main map at any given time.

/ Filter

In order to filter your addresses, you only have to tap on the blue button at bottom left of the map. Once your first places added, you will be able to sort out and show them by “Tags” (keywords) or by “Cities”.
But that’s not all! TWIM also allows you to sort out your addresses by:

– Opening hours: the “Open” button allows you to view the open places at any given time.

– Confidentiality: the “Private” button allows you to view the places that only you can see.

Note: You can select several tags or several cities at the same time. In this case, only the places meeting all the selected criteria will be shown on your map.

/ Map sending button

More than a simple address book, TWIM is above all a place of sharing!
The button on the upper right of your map allows you to send all your addresses or a selection of places to the Twimer(s) of your choice.

/ Recenter my position 

The button on the lower right of your map allows you to recenter the map on your GPS position whenever you want.



3. The TWIM world


// What is a twim?
It is only a place added to your map 🙂

Each twim is marked by a colored pin. There are 10 different colors, each one corresponding to a place category (restaurants, nightlife, etc.).
You can thus differentiate your addresses at a glance!

// What’s a retwim?
We talk about a retwim when an other Twimer discover a place through you and that he/she adds it to his/her map. In other words, when this Twimer tap on the “Add to my map” button from a place you already have added:

– on your main map,
– on a map shared with him/her,
– on a map you have already sent.




B. Addition and edition of a place


1. Add a place to my map


// How to add a place?
It’s very easy! You only have to enter the place name in the search bar of the main map, then to make a choice among the offert results.
Than you can personalize your address (pictogram, tags, etc…) before adding it to your map.

You want to add a place near by where you are right now? Just for you to save time, we directly point out the places around you in “Nearby Suggestions”.

// What to do if TWIM does not find my place?
If TWIM does not find your place, don’t panic! You can create it yourself thanks to the “Create a place” button that you’ll find under the Nearby Suggestions list.

Then, you’ll access to a blank place card you’ll have to fill with the name and the addresses of the place, and also associate it a pictogram and at least one tag.

This way, TWIM allows you to add your own places, whether it is a simple viewpoint, of a friend’s place or of any other place you could think of…

// Are my addresses available offline?
Yes! All the addresses you have already saved are available offline, and even in airplane mode 🙂
Careful though, you won’t be able to:

– add or edit a place,
– aaccess to the other Twimers places,
– interact with your network.



2. Personalize my addresses


// How to change a twim pictogram?
When you are on a place card, tap on the pictogram, then make a choice in the drop-down list.
You’ll see, you will definitely find your happiness!

In order to get your bearings on your map, each place category corresponds to a color of its own: Restaurants / Nightlife / Shopping / Sightseeing – Culture / Food / Well-Being – Health / Services / Sports – Hobbies / Nature / Other.

// How to add a tag?
The tags (or keywords) allow you to sort out your map using the Filter button.
Each time you want to add a place, TWIM will automatically assign it one or several tags according to the information we have.

Nevertheless, into a logic of personalization, it is strongly advised to manually associate other tags using the button for adding tags (+). A broad list is offered to you, it’s up to you to choose the ones you find the most relevant.

// How to see the opening hours of a place?
In the place card, tap on “Open, close at…” or “Closed, open at…”.
You will then have access to the details of the opening hours over the week.

// How to add a comment?
On each place card, you have a “Comment” field (200 caractères maximum).
It can be used as a reminder or to explain to the other Twimers why you like this place!

// How to manage the confidentiality of a place?
In the bottom of the place card, a “Confidentiality” section allows you to make your twim Public (visible for everybody) or Private (only visible for you).

Note: TWIM being a sharing-based app, the “Public” status is selected by default.

// How to view the pictures of a place?
You can see them in full screen by simply clicking on them.

// How to add a picture to one of my twims?
When you are on a place card, tap on the camera button at the top right of the screen. You can then choose to take a picture or to add one from your smartphone library.

// How to delete a twim?
To delete a place, you only have to select it on the map, and then to tap on the “Delete” button on the far right of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.




C. Main Menu


1. My maps


// What’s the use of the shared maps?
The shared maps are maps which are common to several Twimers. Each participant can add places of his/her choice to it.
Handy if you travel with other people or if you want to create a private map with your friends 😉

Note: In a shared map, the added places can be seen by all the participants. There is no notion of confidentiality like for the places of your main map.

// How to create a shared map?
You only have to tap on the thumbnail for adding in the “Shared maps” section of your maps.
On the “New shared map” screen, you will then have to give a name to the map and add to it at least one participant. If you wish, you can add a comment and a picture.

// Can I rename a shared map?
Only the map creator is empowered to change its name.
To do so, go to the “Settings” of the map, and then edit the “Map name” field. Last, remember to save your modification.

// How to add a Twimer to a shared map?
You can manage the participants by taping on the bouton+ button at the upper left of the map or through the Settings.
The Twimers already participating to the map appear in blue and are listed first.
You can search and add other participants. Once you have selected them all, don’t forget to save!

// What happens if I delete a shared map?

There are two scenarios:

– If you are a simple participant (guest), your places will be deleted from the shared map, but the other participants will still be able to use it.

– If you are the map creator, it will be deleted for all the participants.

// Are the places I twim in a shared map automatically added to my main map?
No. The places you add in a shared map only appear on this area.
If you want a place to be also available on your main map, tap on the “Add to my map” button in the submenu.

Tip : It is possible to add all the places using the “Add all the places to my map” button in the settings of the shared map.

// What are the picture badges under the search bar?
They allow you to quickly view the Twimers participating to the shared map and to see the number of places added by each of them.
Tap on a Twimer picture and only his/her addresses will be shown!

To go back to the display of all the twims of the shared map, unselect the participant by taping again on his/her picture.

Tip : It is possible to select or unselect several Twimers.

// How to add all the places of a card I have received on my main map?
When you are on the received map, select “Settings” then at the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Add all the places to my map” button.

// How to delete a received map?
You have two ways to delete a received map:

– Through its picture thumbnail: by taping on the “x” at the upper left of the frame,

– Through the settings of the map: tap on “Delete the map” at the bottom of the screen.



2. My network

// How to find a TWIM user?
Thanks to our search bar, find any Twimer from his/her username.
Enter the first letters of his/her name and run the search.

// How to find users I know?
We can help you to find your Facebook friends or your contacts saved on your smartphone who are already on TWIM.
To do so, you will find two buttons in the “Search” section:

– “Find Facebook friends”
If you have a Facebook account, we allow you to log in to it and to invite your friends. Let us guide you!

– “Find contacts”
Thanks to this feature, find the contacts in your smartphone who are already on TWIM.

// How to follow a Twimer?
To subscribe to a Twimer, tap on the pictogram (  ) next to his/her name in the “Network” or to the right of the cover picture of his/her profile.

– If his/her account is public, you will start to follow him/her instantly and the pictogram will then have a new look (  ) attesting that you have access to his/her map.

– If his/her account is private, he/she will receive a request. His/her status will then be as awaiting for an answer (  ) until he/she accepts your following request.

// How to cancel my subscription to someone?
On the line corresponding to a Twimer, slide you finger to the left in order to make appear the deletion button (  ), then tap on it.

Note: When you delete a follower, he/she is not notified about this deletion.

// What are the pictograms under the usernames?
– Number of twims: shows the number of places the user added on his/her main map.
– Number of followers: shows the number of Twimers following the user.



3. News feed

// What is the purpose of my news feed?
The news feed allows you to follow the news of your network in real time.
For example, you’ll be able to know when a Twimer starts to follow you or when one of your places has been retwimed.



4. My profile


// How can I add or edit my profile and cover pictures?
Tap on the picture badge at the left of your name to edit your profile picture and on the camera button at the upper right for the cover picture.

// What is the use of the “About me” field?
Describe yourself in a few words! This area is only about you 🙂
It allows the other Twimers who are visiting your profile to know you better.

// Do all the places I add appear on the « Last twims » section?

No, only the public places of your main map can be seen by the other Twimers.
The private places or those added to your shared maps are not included in it.

// What are the different ranks about?
You did not know? TWIM is not only an app for sharing good addresses, it is also an adventure in which you will be able to get promoted and maybe become Master of the world…

To find out more, go to your Profile and tap on the orange button showing your rank (just below your name).

When everyone arrive on the app, they start the adventure as a “Twimer Tourist”.
But by earning points, you may reach one of the 5 other ranks:

Congratulations! Your first promotion.
Made it, you master the app 🙂

More than 500 points! Your map should abound with good addresses 🙂
Don’t slack off, things are getting serious now…

Wow! You have reached the Top 10% of the rankings.
Hey, you should have get around a bit…

5%! Your goal is in sight! Go on earning points and, who knows…
maybe you’ll reach the ultimate rank!

Master of the world
Here you are! The holy of holies, the top 1% of the Twimers…
Well done, you are a VIP.


// How can I earn points and improve my rank?
Here are the actions awarding points :
Twim = 1 point
Retwim = from 2 to 5 points (The more a place is popular in the application, the less its retwim has value)
New follower = 2 points



D. Settings and confidentiality


1. My account settings


// How to change the email address I use to log in?
You can change the email address linked to your TWIM account at any time by going in the Settings of your Profile, in the “Personal information” section.

// How to change my password?
You can change your password from the Settings of your Profile, in the “Personal information” section.
Don’t forget to save the modification (button at the upper right of the screen).

Note: You won’t be logged off following this step.

// How to log out from my TWIM account?
You only need to tap on the “Log out” button at the bottom of the Settings screen.
You will then be redirected to the Log in screen.



2. Confidentiality


// Who can see my profile and access to my information?
TWIM is a community app based on sharing. By default, all the other Twimers will then be able to access to your profile and see your main map.
However, we have paid very special attention to allow you to easily manage the confidentiality of your addresses, and this at two levels :


On your map scale
If you want your map to be only accessible for the contacts you have selected, you only have to enable the “Private account” option in the “Settings” of your Profile. 

In this scenario, only the Twimers you have authorized to follow you will have access to your map. The other users will only be able to see your picture, your screen name and your stats (Twims, Retwims, Followers, Following).

On each place scale

You can make an address private at any time.

In this case, you will be the one and only person able to see this place on your map (even your followers won’t be able to see it).

For more information, refer to theHow to manage the confidentiality of a place?” section.




E. Troubleshooting


// I can’t sign up, help!
If you have chosen the email registration, ensure that all the fields are properly filled in:

  • – “Username” : It may be that another user has already chosen the username you wish to use. Each username is unique, and in this case you’ll have to choose another one.
  • – “Email address” : You must provide a valid email address. Ensure that you have not already created an account with this email address.
  • – “Password” : It must contain at least 7 characters.

Regarding the registration through Facebook, if an account already exists with your username or with your email address, we invite you to contact us by email or through our Facebook page @Twimapps.

// I have lost my password, what shall I do?
You want to access your account but you don’t remember your password? Don’t worry!

Tap on “Forgot your password” on the login screen of the app, then enter the email address you used to create your account and tap on “Send“.

Once this one, you’ll receive an email containing a link for creating a new password. Follow the guidelines on the web page and you’re done!
All you have to do is to log in again 🙂

Note: You don’t see the email in your inbox? Check your spams, you never know!

// My account does not seem to work properly?
Even if we do our best to make your TWIM application as stable as possible, you may come across bugs when using it: places which disappeared from your map, problems to see other Twimers maps, etc.

In this scenario, don’t worry! Try to log out and log in again to your account in order to force a reloading of your data.

If you are still facing issues, let us know at support.